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Writer's room

We needed one joke to finish a  production rewrite. The hour was late and the staff was exhausted. All we wanted was to go home. All, but Kevin.  He was enjoying watching this high priced room of writing talent struggle.  I could tell from his sly smile he had something on his mind.  I indicated with a hand gesture to go ahead which he finally did.

“This redneck calls home from the hospital and says ‘Honey, I’ve got some bad news. I just cut off my finger at work.’

His concerned wife asks, ‘the whole finger?”

The redneck replies “No, the one next to it.”

After a short beat, we all got it, (whole/hole)… Though we couldn’t get it past BS&P (Broadcast Standards and Practices — aka the censors), it got the room laughing and we finished the script moments later.

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