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Warner brothers

The Huckster had no difficulties in expressing himself with the honchos over at the networks or studios.

“I believe our chat is over,” the Warner Brothers studio president said to us in a rather dismissive tone.

We obviously had struck out this time at the plate. But neither success nor failure deterred the Huckster.

“I believe I can fly,” said Kevin, “but so far I haven’t taken off. I must say I’ve had a wonderful conversation. Unfortunately, this wasn’t it.”

The studio boss stood dumbfounded. As he did, the Huckster railed on: “I now know my underwear’s waterproof because listening to your BS I just pissed myself and I don’t feel a thing. Then again, it could just be a massive stroke.

The WB chief was none too thrilled nor used to being spoken to that way. “I run a very successful studio.”

“Depends on your definition of ‘successful’. “You know what they say behind your back, don’t you? ‘If it’s a Warner Brother’s picture, there’s sure to be an empty seat in the house.’  Good day, good night, and good luck finding your next studio job.

And with that, we left.