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Great reviews keep coming in.  Way to go, Huckster.

5.0 out of 5 stars Hollywood From the Inside Out

“Hollywood Huckster” is a first person account of working in Hollywood during the “anything goes” 1970s and 80s. And by “first person,” I mean that David Garber and his writing partner Kevin Hartigan were most likely the first persons to ever steal a fighter jet from the Air Force under the pretense of needing it to do research for a television show. The writing pair had to be the first persons to convince a reigning Secretary of State to pick up their $5,000 bar bill. And no doubt the duo had to be the first persons to ever have a gun pulled on them by the star of a major network sitcom.

Those are just a few of the outrageous “firsts” detailed in this collection of amazing anecdotes from a writer whose successful television career spans decades. As talented as Hartigan and Garber were when it came to writing TV fiction in the form of sitcoms and TV movies, nothing they concocted for the big or small screen matches the true stories–with Garber fearlessly naming names–that are spun in this highly entertaining tell-all book. It’s a cautionary tale about a town filled with dazzling glitter that was usually tinsel rather than gold.