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I will cut youDON’T MESS WITH HIM

The Hollywood Huckster was a master at vividly pitching shows in shorthand.  Here’s how he addressed a presentation for a family sitcom to NBC.  The hook was: two families living under one roof — one white, one black.  The network executive inquired how this would be different from their other family sitcoms.  Kevin grabbed the reins and said, “Think of this show as the difference between a white and a black fairy tale.  The white one begins, ‘Once upon a time…’ and the black one begins, ‘Y’all motherf*&kers ain’t gonna believe da shee-yit dat just went down!”

The exec chucked and inquired about the characters.

The Hucksters explained, “the southern white father would be so stupid you’d have to water him.  The only thing separating him from his trailer trash wife was a ride back to the trailer park! Their kids were home schooled.  They were made to watch Roots backwards, so it would have a happy ending.”

That went over like balls on a hen.  Want to know the rest of the story? They’re in the book.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D19FJY4

Check it out.