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The Huckster doesn’t hold back!

Boston T redline

The Hollywood Huckster was appearing on the Good Morning, Boston television show to promote his upcoming movie. Knowing he was a Boston native, the show’s congenial hostess asked him “So, what do you think of the Sox this year?”
Kevin openly responded “They have too much in common with your everyday country possums. They both play dead at home and get killed on the road!”
But it was his next comment that made the station’s switchboard light up like a Christmas tree.
“Coming over here on the “T” (Boston’s Mass Transit subway train) I got to thinking what you’d get if you filled a Red Line car with the 40 Red Sox players and 40 lesbians? Eighty people, none of ‘em do dick!”
And he get’s even more outrageous.  Read the book.