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HOLLYWOOD HUCKSTER: A Memoir of Hysterical Proportions

1970's Hollywood car - sign

For those who don’t know, my book, HOLLYWOOD HUCKSTER –  A Memoir of Hysterical Proportions   was just released last week and in three days, climbed up the Amazon rankings to number one in the Biographies & Memoirs chart. It also landed at number eight on the Humor rankings.

I am hoping that  you might be interested in the outrageous tell-all content and the plethora of real celebrity names and their involvement in what, until now, has been purposefully swept under the carpet.  The president of Fox Family Films called it “Mad Men of the ’70s & ’80s in the entertainment industry.”

Among the amusing and exciting elements within the book, you’ll find out how the Huckster’s exploits included:
  • getting caught peeing on an Oscar winning Best Actress’s house; then becoming her close friend;
  • persuading MGM to pull The Wizard of Oz from CBS unless the network caved to his negotiation demands;
  • commandeering a t-38 fighter jet for a joy ride;
  • convincing Senator Ted Kennedy to give up the rights to his brother, JFK’s, personal letters.
  • outwitting Bill Cosby for the use of the Hilton yacht;
  • hosting Aaron Spelling, Robert Wagner and all three Charlie’s Angels in his jail cell;
  • conning the U.S. Secretary of State to pressure Warner Brothers to pick up his $5,000 bar tab;
  • having a gun pulled on him by “Sanford and Son” star, Demond Wilson;
  • eluding a “hit” put on him by the L.A. mob 
Plainly it’s not your ordinary memoir. It’s the Hollywood celebrity tell-all that picks up where all the other tell-all’s end.  All the juicy details can be found between the covers…