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Kevin and David in costume with link

The Hollywood Huckster on confession: “The last time I went, I admitted to having been with a loose girl. Father Flaherty then asked me, ‘…And what girl would that be, Kevin?’”

I refused to give up her name because I didn’t want to ruin her reputation. “’But Father Flaherty was persistent. Was it Mary Elizabeth Colleary?’ I hesitated. ‘Was it Teresa O’Leary?’ I just shook my head. Father Flaherty continued, ‘Anna Laney?’ I didn’t answer. ‘Cathy O’Connor?’ My lips were still sealed. ‘Was it Rose Marie Toole, then?’ Father Flaherty sighed in frustration. ‘You’re very tight lipped, Kevin, and I admire that.’”
“After all that,” I asked him, “what did you get for punishment?
Kevin proudly confessed, “five good leads.”