Venetian Hotel Lobby

While under contract writing for Bill Cosby in Vegas, the Huckster went into his hotel lobby.  A newlywed couple was checking out after their honeymoon and when the bill was presented, a small disagreement broke out.  “What is this, $200 for a meal?” inquired the incredulous groom. “We never made it to your dining room.”

“I understand, sir,” the officious manager replied, “but the wedding package you chose included meals. The food was there for you. If you didn’t use it, it’s not our fault.”
The Huckster, feeling for the newlywed couple, came to their defense and  tore up the bill.  The stunned manager asked what he was doing?  Kevin replied, “The way I see it, you’re totally even because you owe this man $200 for making love to his wife!”

“’But, I never touched his wife!” protested the manager.

“Well, she was there for you,” said the Huckster. ‘If you didn’t use her, it’s not their fault!!”
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