Messiah Matrix

Friends of the Huckster — It’s an honor to recommend to you a great new book: The Messiah Matrix, written by a fantastic talent and friend, Emmy nominated Hollywood writer/producer, historian, and polyglot extraordinaire  Dr. Ken Atchity. If you are a fan of history, conspiracy, debunking religious zealotry, Dan Brown style revelation, and just a damn good exciting read, you must pick up a copy of this book right now, right here:

The Hollywood Huckster was known to put the “high” in hijack.  Shanghi-ing you to check out the Messiah Matrix would have been easy for Kevin to do.

As he would have boasted: “I’d give my left testicle (assuming my right could function for both) to get you to check it out.  Well here’s to your having the balls to discover and enjoy this great novel.

So give it a shot, and if anyone sees you reading it and asks where you heard about it, just tell ’em the Hollywood Huckster sent you.